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A Part of Survival 101 Map

Survival 101

Surival 101 is much like the others but with older style stuff.


Foraging unlike the other Survivals is instant. you click and you got it. In the others in take a amount of time.

Hunger, Thirst and HealthEdit

Again unlike the others these things are display up in the leaderborad. They go down fairly quick


There is no Gui in 101 so you have to press keys.

Backpack- Q and E to go through it click to place. Must be near you

Crafting- Click Q on your first ingredent then E on the other. You must have them infront of you

Drink/Eat- Click on a CLEAN Water source or food and you will get it.


In Survival 101 There is weather. Lightning which makes the place yellow and rain that falls to the ground.